Pet Fence Information, Wireless and Invisible Dog Fence

underground-dog-fenceIt is the nightmare of every pet owner for their beloved friend to wander into the street, get lost in the city, lost in the woods, or even stuck in a hole. If you are on a quest for an efficient and effective solution to keep your pet safe without sacrificing your pet’s freedom, then you have found it. With so many pet fence options to choose from, you are guaranteed to find an answer to your pet containment needs. You can rest assure that your pet is safely confined without having to spend a lot of money or lose your yard to an unsightly fence.

Traditional fences do not train your pet to stay within the boundaries that you have set for them like a pet fence will. For many pets, a normal fence is just an obstacle in their way of exploration and fun. Over time a normal fence will become weak from weathering. With out proper maintenance your pet may find a way to get through the fence. That is if your pet has not figured out they can climb over it. Or worse, has begun digging underneath it and possibly damaging the fence in the process. Why spend all that money to build and repair a fence that is not going to work?
The pet fences we have to offer are effective because they are more than just an invisible fence, they are a training tool. When your pet is about to go outside the containment area, the collar alerts them to get their immediate attention. It is when the pet ignores the initial warning that a static correction is felt, which will correct the pet’s behavior. This instant response to the pet’s behavior is the key characteristic that will discourage your pet from going outside the boundary area and help to keep your pet out of dangerous places.

Types of Electric Pet Fences:

In-ground Electric Pet Fence – Considered to be the most effective and efficient system on the market to this day. Uses wires to customize the containment area that you wish to contain your pet to.

Wireless Electric Pet Fence – This is a wireless system, which is the easiest of all systems to install. However, the boundary area has a circular range and not efficient for yards with steep slopes and drop-offs.

Contain and Train System – These also incorporate a remote training feature that includes a remote hand-held transmitter that allows the owner to apply correction when in the containment and outside the containment area.

Indoor Electric Pet Fence – The indoor systems are designed especially for indoor use. They can also be used outdoors, but are not as effective for use as an outdoor device.

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