If you have never used an electronic pet fence before, you probably have a lot of questions to ask. It is our goal to provide you with as much information as possible so that you will feel comfortable when using this product. Here we have answered some of the common frequently asked questions.

    • Question #1: What is the recommended age to start training a dog or puppy with a pet fence?Answer: You can begin training a puppy that is at least 6 months old with a pet fence. If you have any concerns about the exact age of your puppy, please consult a veterinarian.
    • Question #2: Is the static correction felt from the receiver collar humane and harmless?
    • Answer: The static correction administered to your pet will NOT harm them. The technology used in the collar is intended to get the pet’s attention immediately. The products we offer have all been tested and are proven to be safe for your pet to use.
    • Question #3: Can my pet wear the dog collar all the time?
    • Answer: We recommend that you take the collar off the pet while they are inside the home. It is possible for some household appliances to accidentally set off an unprovoked corrective pulse.
    • Question #4: Can I keep more than one pet contained with a pet fence?
    • Answer: Yes. With the purchase of additional receiver collars and/or transmitters, you can contain multiple pets.
    • Question #5: Can I attach a leash to the receiver collar?
    • Answer: Even though having the pet on a leash during initial training could be helpful, you must NOT attach the leash to the receiver collar itself. The leash will add pressure to the contact points on the receiver collar and this could create discomfort for the pet. Attach the leash to a separate collar that is non-metallic and be sure it does not rub against the receiver collar.
    • Question #6: What happens if the batteries on the receiver collar run out?
    • Answer: Without batteries, the receiver collar can not be effective. We recommend that the batteries be checked every month and to have a pair of back up batteries available.
    • Questions #7: Do I have to bury the wire for the pet fence to be effective?
    • Answer: If you are not able or do not wish to bury the wire, there is an above ground method. For more information, see our Installation Guide for the Above Ground Installation.
    • Question #8: I have a small dog, less than 10 pounds. Is the pet fence safe for him to use?
    • Answer: Absolutely! Most of the pet fences available were designed for the use of small and medium sized pets. Be sure to read the product description before purchasing. You do not want to use a system designed for a medium sized pet on a small pet and vice versa.
    • Question #9: I have a large and stubborn dog. Will a pet fence work for him?
    • Answer: Many of the pet fences that we offer were designed for the use of small and medium sized pets that can easily be trained. If your dog is both large and stubborn, then this product might not be effective.
  • Question #10: Can an Indoor Pet Fence only be used indoors?
  • Answer: The indoor models are designed for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors. They are not as efficient as an outdoor system. Just make sure the range that it operates on will in fact meet what you require it to.

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