Easy Dog Training Methods That Everyone Should Know

dog-trainingPeople often adopt dogs without considering it well. You have to be totally committed if you want to own a dog. In order for dogs to behave, they need a lot of good training. If you decide to adopt a puppy or dog, use the tips in this article to get a good start.

One tip to keep in mind when training your dog is to be sure that you introduce it to social environments early and frequently. They need to become aware of how they should act around other people and dogs. They can’t learn about it otherwise. This also helps to avoid hyper-activity in a new location.

Use the shake-can trick when training your dog. Insert some coins into an empty can, and then make sure it’s sealed. If the dog does something wrong, shake your can once as hard as you can. This will give your dog a start and stop the bad behavior. After doing this for a while, your dog will recognize he is acting badly. Shaking the can multiple times can desensitize your dog, so just do it once.

If you’re interested in your dog’s agility, its a great idea to pick a dog that’s suited for it. Most dogs can perform agility, but some breeds are more competitive such as collies, sheepdogs, and Australian shepherds.

Mental exercise is a vital part of your dog’s life. There are many puzzle toys for dogs which can be a huge help. Find one which fits his size and ability level to ensure he enjoys it.

Training has to be consistent. Make sure that others are using similar commands if they are training your dog. When everyone has the same command in use, the dog will pick it up quickly.

You should use the name of your dog as a positive reinforcement more often than you use it as a reprimand. Your pet should be aware that his name is a good thing. You don’t want your pet to be scared to walk to you whenever you call his name.

When toilet training your dog, try to avoid accidents! Learn to know the things your pet does when it needs to go. They might walk back and forth or whine. Do not wait more than a couple of minutes. Get outside right away to the dogs favorite spot. Reward your dog for getting your attention when he needs to go out. They will eventually ask to go outside.

Dog training needs to not use regular dog food. Dogs need food to survive, so it should not be used as their only reward. Supplement treats with other forms of recognition, including verbal encouragement and physical affection. Click Here to see the list of Dog Training Aid Collar

When you’re working on training your dog, you must always try to teach it how to know that it’s their home. Leave food near or inside the crate and leave the door open. This way, your dog will associate positive things with being inside the crate.

What do you do if your dog pulls against their leash? A lot of owners have to deal with this problem, but the solution is quite simple. Buy yourself a dog harness, which will reduce pulling and improve the quality of your walks.

Try several different training techniques to discover which one your dog responds to best. For example, a laid back and loving dog will likely thrive on positive reinforcement, whereas a more aggressive dog may need negative reinforcement in order to respect your alpha position. If you chose a training method that is not working, it might be the time that you consider a different approach.


Be patient when you are training your puppy, there is no doubt that accidents are going to happen. Immediately clean up every accident for training purposes. When a dog uses the house to relieve itself, the smell can linger on the carpet if not cleaned properly. You will then have a dog that will continue to use that same spot all of the time. Many pet stores or big box stores sell products that help to eliminate the odors from pet accidents.

Even if you’ve had your pet for a while and them haven’t been trained properly, you could use the information written here to train them properly. You should train him as soon as you can to avoid any risk of the dog unintentionally hurting someone.


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