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When using a non-wireless pet fence, you may have some addition questions and concerns about the wiring. Maybe you are unsure of how much wire you are going to need or just not sure as to what kind of wire would work best with your yard. Here we will address the questions of how much wire to use, the kind of wire to use, and when to use which gauge of wire. If you require any further assistance, call our customer service line and talk to one of our many friendly customer service representatives.


Mature German Shorthaired Pointer with Invisible Dog Fence Collar (Source Image: Pet So Fun)

How Much Wire Will You Need?

Before you buy more wire, check the product’s contents for how much wire is included in the pet fence package that you are purchasing. Most of the pet fences that we offer come with a standard 500 feet of wire. Also, check the wire chart below for how much wire you will be using. If you do not know how big the area is, now is a good time to find out. Continue reading